Tuesday, June 30, 2009

... again.

Overheard while a father and son tossed balls to each other across a pedestrian walkway after an inattentive throw nearly struck a bystander.

He: Hey, son! Don't hit the passers-by!
Bystander: ::tries not to let on that he heard::
He: ... so hard...
Bystander: ::smirk::
He: ... again.
Bystander: ::laughs outloud::

We now end every request in our house this way.

Me: Younger Son, don't hit your nose with those juggling clubs.
Elder Son: ... so hard...
The Husband: ... again.

Elder Son: Try not to burn the toast.
Me: ... so much...
Younger Son: ... again.

We are so freakin' easy to amuse.


Dani said...

The power of the joke you'll all get and others will be puzzled by. The POWER!

Andy said...

Roses, I understand completely. I am not puzzled at all. Sigh...

These are the good times! Wish I had stopped more often to smell those "roses," as it seems you have. Good on ya'!