Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Running on Empty

Sometimes, coming in first place isn't the only satisfying way to win a race.
As Elder Son learned recently...

In physical education, Elder Son and his classmates run a half mile.
As they began running one particular day, one boy in the class pulled ahead of Elder Son and commented, "There's no way I'm gonna let a soccer kid beat me."

Elder Son stuck to him like glue.

As they closed in on the final lap, two classmates were far in the lead while Elder Son and the taunting boy raced for third place. They kicked it up a notch, each one straining to keep ahead of the other.

Finally, Elder Son turned to the other boy. "Are you even trying?" he asked.
"Yes," was the choked reply.
"Well," announced Elder Son, "I'm not!"
That's when he burst ahead leaving the other kid in the dust.

Taunting Boy was heard to mutter "Dang" as he coasted to a stop far from the finish line. Quitter.

I just love it when Elder Son gives mean kids their comeupance.


Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

Good for ES! Also, when did they start calling it physical education and not gym??

Dani said...

Good for him. I'm sending him some virtual cookies.

Dani said...

Hmmm reading that over it came out sarcastic, but I meant it nice.

Roses said...

Dani: Sarcastic cookies will also be accepted!

Dani said...

Oooooooo "sarcastic cookies" that is so going to be the name of my book (if I ever write one). Don;t worry I'll put you in the aknowledgements.