Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Office" hours

Who decided when office hours would be?

I can understand shift work. You need to get the next wave of guys in at a specific time to relieve the previous shift so as not to stop and restart the machinery. I get that.

But who decided an office should open at 8am? Or, even at the same time every day?
Who says that's necessary?

Bankers' hours are 9 to 5.
Why should anyone else open before that? No one can get to the bank before 9am to get money to spend as early as 8am, anyway.

On the other hand, why not open at 7am? or 6am?
Why not operate from sunrise to sunset? "Can't see the merchandise or read the forms? Then we're closed!" Think of the savings on light bulbs and electricity.

So, why are typical office hours 8am-5pm? Why?

Just a question.
Have any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you! and not entirely because I have problems getting to work at 9am.

Rave said...

heh- if it were up to me- working hours would be 5am to 11am and then be done with the day.

Thumper said...

Well, great. Now I'll be thinking about this all day. PONDERING and WORRYING!

Well, maybe not, but I hate not knowing the answer to something.

Mrs. Who said...

This idea was probably started by the same people who thought a time change is a great idea so that kids have to go to school in the dark...