Monday, May 04, 2009

In the Bag


Maybe I expect too much because I worked at a grocery store for four years...
But, when I tell the grocery bag boy, "Please put all my groceries in one bag so I can carry the milk in one hand and the bag in the other," and he replies, "Okay," I really do expect all my groceries to be placed in ONE bag.

So, when he hands me two bags, I get kinda testy.
And I huff and puff just a little bit as I make a big show of placing one bag inside the other just to illustrate what I'd originally requested and what I was told I'd get.

Is it so hard?
Am I expecting too much?


Anonymous said...

I feel ya on this one. WHY OH WHY do they have to give you a separate bag for ONE ITEM!? Cram it in another bag for the love of god!

Priscilla said...

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to get.

Who understands these things?

dogsdontpurr said...

I've started bringing my own bags to the market. They are a bit larger than the standard plastic grocery bags...and easy to fill wayyy beyond the breaking point. I always tell who ever is bagging, to not fill them all the not make them too heavy. But do they listen? No. And I usually end up with 2 bags that weigh 10 tons, rather than 5 bags that would be manageable. Argh!

Dani said...

It's the baggers way of "sticking it to the man". Of coarse we're women so that's where my theory beaks down.

The Gray Monk said...

Do away with plastic bags, I use a folding plastic crate and canvas bags.

Roses said...

dogsdontpurr and Gray Monk: That's the other thing. I brought my own canvas bag. ONE bag. Said, "Put all in ONE bag." Look, ONE bag. Right there.
Yet, he gave me two.

Retired Navy CPO said...

I used to be a bagger. Which is why it drives me nuts when they do things like put soaps in with food. Lately it seems they don't give them any training other than this is plastic and this is paper.

Mrs. Who said...

I don't mind tipping when someone bags and brings my bags out to my car. But either the store won't let the young folks take tips, or else they do they crappiest job imaginable. Or you have to bag your own.

I miss the good old days of bag boys and service station attendants.