Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Five - STHU

Aside from politicians and syndicated talk show hosts (because that would make the list way too long...), here are
Five people who really need to Shut The Hell Up:

1) People who don't have children - Yes, you are only trying to help. We get that. And believe me, until we had children, we all knew what parents were doing wrong, too. But, only people who actually have children "get" that there's no right way to raise children. What works with one won't necessarily work with another. And in most cases, there ain't nothing that works, period.
So, Shut The Hell Up.
(Exception: teachers. They'll "have" more children than any parent. But I think even they will sometimes admit that they don't know anything about children either.)

2) People who've never suffered from depression - Just accept that you don't understand. Quit trying to "help". Because you're really not. The best you can do is listen and guide your loved one to professional help.
Except for that, Shut The Hell Up.
(And to the blogger who posted how a simple diet would cure practically all forms of depression and that medication is a worthless scam, I really have no idea how you manage to type with your buttcheeks - the blog version of talking out of your ass - but I haven't read you since and can't even remember who you were.)

3) People who don't have a handicap - Physical, mental, developmental, emotional... Um, Shut The Hell Up. Especially if you don't know the difference between the catagories mentioned.

4) People who've never lost a beloved pet - Our loss has left a hole in our heart. Pets are not like furniture. We can't just "get another one". Could you simply get another best friend or family member? And even if you think you could, Shut The Hell Up.

5) ???

I know I've missed someone.
Who else needs to Shut The Hell Up?


Pizza Girl said...

People who think they know how to manage money. I'm not poor on purpose. If it was just as easy as cutting expenses and saving and investing, etc. I would do it. It is not that simple. Shut the hell up!

Rave said...

I was going to post something about being a depressed, blind, mom of three with a brain cloud....

But I don't have the energy.

Thumper said...

Most people mean well...but most people are also idiots. Well meaning idiots. I'm waiting for their heads to asplode...

Roses said...

Pizza girl: Amen! Put them right next to the people who "know how to lose weight".

Thumper: "asplode"? If their head is up their butt, would they assplode?

dogsdontpurr said...

Amen sistah!

I think doctors that overly judgmental of your personal life style choices/habits should STFU!

Carmen said...

People who think they know how easy it is to quit smoking if they've never smoked!!!!

Dani said...

Mine is vague but, anyone who thinks they know how to run my life (money, job, relationship, etc.) better than me. Newsflash unless you actually are me (which would be odd) I'm far more experienced at living my life than any one else.

Andy said...

People who have never had a homosexual child should shut the hell up. It is far more complex than know-it-alls think to "get that kid's mind right."