Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Who needs parents, anyway?

I was in the next room when I overheard part of a conversation between the husband and Elder Son. Later, I asked the husband if I had heard correctly.

Me: Did I hear you spell a word for Elder Son, and then Elder Son asked Younger Son if you were right?
He: Not exactly. I told him I wasn't sure of the spelling, and I handed him a dictionary. That's when he asked Younger Son if he knew how to spell it because he didn't want to look it up.
Me: ::smirk::
He: Why is that funny?
Me: It just reminds me of the time Younger Son, at age 4, came running down the hall yelling, "There's something wrong with the computer! Elder Son, come help!" They don't really need us, do they?
He: Well, they don't think so, anyway.

P.S. At some point, the husband walked away grumbling something about being an award-winning journalist and having his ability to spell verified by an 11-year-old.


Dani said...

This is why I was to have another kid. I can't spell and I'll be able to say go ask your brother/sister

Richmond said...

Oh boy... Isn't that the truth!

Contagion said...

My kids ask me to spell and I tell them that's why we have spell check.