Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Name Calling - Discuss

Regarding name calling, is it:

... because the name caller doesn't have a true argument and can only attack with nasty words?
... because the recipient is simply not listening and name calling is the only way to get their attention?


Arwen, Wildlife Warrior said...

What if the names are part of the normal vocabulary but that take on new meaning in an argument? Does that make them appropriate during normal discussion but out of limits during an argument?

Rave said...

Depends on the name.

If I were to call someone shithead in an argument, that would be defeat by my own vocabulary...denegrated to using nasty words.

Now, if I were to use the name Richard Cranium....I win.

Priscilla said...

oooo this sounds juicy.

Need more information.

You know you want to tell us!

Dani said...

How odd I was contemplating this scenario just the other day. I will have to go with #1. In my experience is you have to stoop to calling names you don't have a well reasoned argument. On the other hand yelling names at people who (for exapmle) cut you off in traffic is very satisfying.

Bob said...

Depends -- what did I call you?

Mrs. Who said...

To quote the great Who-Daddy:

"Profanity is the refuge of the inarticulate m*****-f*****."But it can feel so good.