Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a little off

After passing 400 miles and a time zone to visit my parents, the boys gratefully collapsed into guests beds. In the dark, I heard Younger Son ask Elder Son to check his cell phone.

YS: What time is it?
ES: I don't know. My clock is off.
YS: Okay, but what time does it say now?
ES: I don't know. It's off.
YS: I don't care if it has Wisconsin time. Just tell me what it says.
ES: I can't! I turned off the phone. It's off!
YS: Oh.

Up until then, both Younger Son and I thought Elder Son's cell phone was off... by an hour.
It pays to ask the right question.
And give a complete answer.


Richmond said...

Heh... :)

Priscilla said...


You're all OFF!

That's why we keep coming back!