Monday, March 02, 2009


In my pocket, I've been carrying around a list of blog posts that I want to write.
But, I just haven't:
a) felt like it, and
b) had a moment's peace to myself lately.

And it's not because there's anything NEW or EXCITING or BUSY that's bothering interrupting me.
I wish I had a really good excuse reason like Thumper does.
(Maybe if I had more cats...)
I've just got a case of plain old ordinary life.

Although, I suppose life really should be more important than blogging.

But that just seems so unfair.


leeann said...

I tend to write my posts right after whateverthehell happens. If I can't get to the computer, I scribble it on whateverthehell I can find.
H has learned to avoid me at the mall when I come at him with a pen. It took nearly two layers of skin removing that last "post note" I used him for.

Thumper said...

Well, truly, you need more cats, and for someone to give you a Kindle. You'll go broke buying books for it, but hey, no one said being pinned to the sofa by cats was perfect...

(and that totally made sense in my head.)

bx19 said...

Blogging IS real life.

Harvey said...

Just post the list, instead :-)