Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Any Last Words?"

Over the weekend, the boys bought Nerf Long Shots. They'd been drooling over the things for weeks, they had both saved money from their odd jobs, and the toys were on sale. The perfect storm. (Screw the bad economy! The boys need to shoot something!)

This morning, they both brought their new (identical) prizes to breakfast. They set them side by side on the floor. The temptation was too great. In the middle of breakfast, Younger Son hefted one gun (half his own size) to his shoulder.

"Elder Son!" he bellowed. "Do you have any last words?"
Elder Son swallowed his food and hollered back, "That's mine!"

"Those," the husband remarked, "are interesting last words."


leeann said...

Every summer, I want one of those Super Soaker water guns.
Every summer, my husband reminds me of the odds of me remarrying, given my age and the obvious scars I'll have once I get out of the hospital.
*grumble he thinks he's the wicked witch of the west delicate melty man grumble*

Richmond said...

Hahahahaha!! Those *are* interesting last words!

Darin said...

My 76 year old mother has a super soaker she uses on the squirrels in her yard. She is like a commando with the thing! LOL

Priscilla said...

He he! I totally miss my boys playing with nurf guns. Their birthdays are coming up, it's going on the list!