Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Word Movie Review - InkHeart

Here are your two words:

"Brain fart"

I'm sorry, but there it is.
Yes, I *do* "get" the movie.
Guy reads book, characters come out of book, loved ones go into book, guy spends life looking for a copy of the book his wife disappeared into.
I'll bet it started out as a brilliant book (which I have yet to read).

But somewhere between the brilliant book idea and the sloppy movie editing, the really good parts got left out. They left in all the drama and conflict but left out the continuity... As if they ran out of time and had to shorten it up.
"Maybe we can just take out Point B and just go straight from Point A to C! No one will know. It's a kids' movie. They'll connect the dots."

No. We won't.
Younger Son poked holes in it all the way home.
"Why didn't they just do this?" and "How come that didn't work the way everything else did?"

The husband was distracted by the editing itself. It didn't flow in spots.
And I simply could not get over how the daughter looked like Carrie Fisher... especially after they dressed her up as Princess Leia for the climax. (Really, what was that all about? No one else had to dress up for a reading.)

The acting was great! I love Brendan Frazier in everything he's done; the Carrie Fisher girl was nothing but a believable perfect daughter; Helen Mirren got all the best lines; and the only thing Paul Bettany did wrong was to not insist on any nude scenes like he had in "A Knight's Tale" (nom nom nom).

I wish I could say I liked it.
It was a really good idea.
But, it wasn't a very good movie.


Rave said...

That is exactly what I thought- and I thought it because I saw the movie two days after I finished the book.

But you just confirmed what I thought- it sucked.

Thumper said...

I suppose it's a good thing I had no desire to see this movie, then... Yay me :)

Roses said...

You know, I didn't like the movie "The Seeker" either. It felt like important things were cut out for sake of time.
So, I tried to read the book but could not drag myself through it. Juvenile fiction? Geez, it was hard.

I hope this book is different.

Mrs. Who said...

Now I don't feel so bad about not seeing the movie.

It sounds like what happened to 'Eragon'. Awesome book...movie totally turned it upside down and inside out and it wasn't 'Eragon' anymore

D. D. Tannenbaum said...

Hah! You want major league movie disappointment, try "Jumper"! They turned a very good book about an abused teenager that discovers he can teleport (he's the only one who can), into a disgusting movie about rouge government agents who are slaughtering jumpers around the world. There's poetic license and then there's Hollywood malfeasance.

Roses said...

D.D.: Thanks for explaining Jumper. I spent most of the movie thinking I'd just missed something.