Monday, February 09, 2009

"All sock; no kitten"

Okay, I need your help... again.

You know that place between being awake and falling asleep where you have an epiphany and solve all the world's problems? Only, as soon as you wake up, it's all gone?

Sometime last night, this absolutely brilliant phrase came to me:
All sock; no kitten.

It made perfect sense when it came to me, but this morning? Nothing.
It makes me think of the phrase, "All talk; no action."

Wanna take a stab at it?
What would you guess its higher meaning is?


leeann said...

I think it means "something mysteriously empty"... like let's say you see a sock wiggling around, and you think the kitten has gotten inside and is playing MacGuyer/escape artist. Only you pick up the sock and there's nothing in there.
Cue the Twilight Zone music and get me my meds, 'kay?

Thumper said...

I think it means you need to avoid mixing Taco Bell with pickles before going to bed...or that you have really soft socks that feel like kitten fur, and deep down you want to pet them.

Bob said...

I don't know why, but that's just funny. I'm just sitting here chuckling, thinking: I can't wait to use that phrase.

"To sum up how we're doing this year's budget, 'We're all sock and no kitten.'"

Rave said...

Too aggressive (sock it to ya) and not enough nice-ness (kitten) ???