Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two Word Book review - The Rules

Full title: "The Rules: A Guide for People Owned by Cats"
(written by Max Thompson... a cat, btw)

Here are your two words:
"Very Catty"

Everyone in the family enjoyed this book.
I read it in one day.
Younger Son read it in one sitting.
Elder Son, who hates reading, finished it in a weekend.
And Shadow the Cat couldn't stop sniffing the cover.

In Max's book, you learn acceptable cat-owned behavior, like what is the appropriate time to serve Stinky Goodness (on demand) and how often you should clean the litter box (more often).
We all enjoyed the explanation of the game Thundering Herd of Elephants (THOE), and now that the boys understand that they are supposed to play along in place of a second kitty... well, the title of the game is oh-so-appropriate.

The Rules comes with cat-drawn illustrations which not only catch your eye but also pique your interest. (For example, I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure that one of Max's drawings shows how the only part of a fish suitable for cats to share with their owners is the fish eyebrow.) And it's because of the pictures that the boys started reading over my shoulder in the first place.
"What's that?"
"It's what you look like to a cat sitting on your bed when you're sleeping."

It's a fun, quick read.
And a heck of a great gift for the cat lover owned person in your life.


Richmond said...

Heh - I can think of a few people who would like this...

Max said...

A review! A nice review! Thank you, and for this I will not poop on your virtual pillow. In fact, you can sniff my Stinky Goodness. Go ahead. Today I got chicken & beef Fancy Feast. Inhale deeply so it lasts you all day. Mmmmmm....beefy chickeny goodness.....

(Oh, and you know how hard it is to draw without opposable thumbs? I still have writer's cramp.)

(Drawers cramp?)