Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a jungle out there.

The husband came to bed late Friday night leaving the boys to finish watching their DVD.
As he slid under the covers, I, half-asleep, asked, "Are the monkeys driving the police car yet?"

Anyone else would have thought this an odd question, chalking it up to grogginess or one of my bizarre dreams.
But, the husband simply answered, "Not yet."

You see, he and the boys were watching Jumanji.
And I wanted to know how far they were in the movie.


Rave said...

I got it! Wow- now I'm scared.

Bob said...

Around our house the question would have been, "Have they jumped to ludicrous speed yet?" (Big Spaceballs fans, my boys were.)

Priscilla said...

Ha! I totally knew what you were talking about before you even said it. La la love Jumanji!