Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He said, he heard...

How would you answer this question:
"What country is that guy from in the movie Defiance?"

Your answer would probably be "Germany" or "I don't know."


The husband tends to answer a question with an explanation of the answer rather than just the answer. Ask him a yes or no question and you will get a 3 minute answer that is neither yes nor no, but will illustrate why he might give you either answer. When I see this happening (usually when he does this to people too polite to interrupt), I'll stop him mid-sentence and repeat the question until he answers simply.

Having said that...

We drove past the movie theater this weekend to see what was playing. As we pulled away, Elder Son asked about one of the posters.
"Father, what country was the guy from in that movie Defiance?"
"It's a movie about World War II..."
"I know. I could tell by the gun he was holding."
"... and there were two brothers..."
"It kinda looked like a German gun."
"... sure, in either Poland or Germany, where the Jews..."
I cut in. "Honey, he doesn't care about the plot. He wanted to know about the country it was in."
"Well, son, Hilter had a plan to take over the world..."
"Honey! He doesn't care about the movie! He is only interested in the weaponry!"

After a pause, the husband glanced into the rear-view mirror and said, "Son, you play too many video games."

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