Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Five

I stole this idea from Richmond.

Five things you'll never hear me say:

1) After giving it some thought, honey, I really don't want a dishwasher after all.

2) I have time for another half hour on the treadmill!

3) Clearance rack candy really isn't worth it.

4) A flat-screen TV would look hideous on that wall.

5) Let me just set my alarm so I can get up early on Saturday morning.


Richmond said...

Heh - yup. Can't imagine you saying *any* of that...

DogsDontPurr said...

My 5 are probably pretty obvious:
1. I wish I could stand in line a little longer.
2. I really hope my doctor orders more lab tests.
3. Let's go skydiving!
4. I'm so excited that my hair is finally going gray!
5. I think I'll buckle down and get back to work now.

Thumper said...

I actually have said #2...but I'm pretty sure I followed it up with a trip to McD's for a Big Mac...