Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Snow time like the present

The studio phone rings at 5:20pm.

Me: W--- studio.
He: Say, Roses, how long is it supposed to snow tonight? When's it gonna stop?
Me: You want to know when it's safe to start shoveling, don't you?
He: Yeah.
Me: Well, this winter weather advisory expires at 6pm. That might be a safe time to start.
He: But, it's not snowing now. Maybe it's done?
Me: Tell you what. Go get your snow shovel and wave it out your door. See if it starts snowing again just to taunt you.

And he giggled.
Absolutely made my day. :)


Bob said...

Get it right. Girls giggle. Guys snicker.

Roses said...

Mmmm... Snickers.