Thursday, December 04, 2008

Silly phone games

The studio phone rings at 5:45pm.

Me: W--- studio.
She: Oh. I hit the wrong speed dial button.
Me: Well, is there anything *I* can help you with?
She: No, Roses. I was just...
(Note: She dialed the wrong number, yet she knew it was me. That's pretty darned cool!)
Me: Oh, please! I'm so bored!
She: I'm not surprised. You've been there all day. I heard you this morning, and you're still there! Why are you still there, Roses?
Me: Obviously, I've been waiting for you to call!
She: Well, I've called. So, you can go home now.
Me: Oh, thank you!

I don't have this much fun with people who call me on purpose!


Richmond said...

Well?? That works... ;)

Tammi said...

I just love reading these exchanges. You really are just a ray of sunshine. You know it?

Hapkido said...

You must have a trick for these classic conversations. The calls I get at work have more 4-letter words used (coming my way) than a shipload of drunken sailors.