Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Figures in the snow

Sunday night, Younger Son started building a snow fort. His strategy: roll giant snow balls, split them in half, and line up the halves. You see, you get twice the wall rolling half the number of boulders. It worked as planned for him until he rolled one boulder in the front yard... his fort is in the back yard. He could not roll the chest-high snowball any farther.
I helped him roll it off the sidewalk where we left it.

This is my Younger Son: bigger, better, BIGGER.

Monday afternoon, Elder Son came home from school to find fresh footprints in our front yard, and Younger Son's giant snowball in the middle of the street.
Some kids thought it would be funny to put the snowball where it could be crushed by a car.
Ha. It would damage any car that hit it.
Alone, Elder son pushed the giant thing onto the curb. He didn't want it in the way of traffic.

This is my Elder Son: do what's right.

Meanwhile, I simply sit and listen to the snow...


Richmond said...

If I don't hear it will it go away??

Richmond said...

I know... I know... I need to get out of bah humbug mode... Trying.

Rave said...

Could be the bah-humbug mode affecting other aspects of your life, too.... :)

Go ice skating, have hot cocoa and build a snowman with your kids while Christmas music plays...

What the heck do I know? Just do whatcha want. :)