Thursday, November 13, 2008

... would smell as sweet.

It shouldn’t be this big of a deal, but it is.
I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to change my perfume.

I’ve been wearing Soft Musk from Avon for twenty years. I like it. I really have no reason to stop wearing it except that the only place I can get it is through Avon. And I really don’t feel right dragging an Avon lady to my house just so I can order two bottles of perfume. Usually, they feel the need to do a whole presentation of all their products (because I‘m “new”), and by the time they realize I really do only want perfume, we are both disappointed.

Besides, two bottles last me a long time.
So long that by the time they run out, I’ve changed addresses and have to find a new Avon lady.
And explain to her that I don’t need the whole presentation while she doesn’t believe me.


Well, it’s been ten years since my last purchase, and I’m down to the bottom of my second bottle.
And yes, I’ve moved.

Being the beginning of Christmas shopping season (what happened to Thanksgiving, people?), there are large displays of fragrances at the department stores. I stumbled across such a display earlier this week and several of the scents were of a Musk nature. I picked one that seemed to smell attractive through the packaging and bought it.

A four dollar gamble. Oo.

The next day, I sprayed some on and instructed the husband to sniff me.
“Hm,” he said. “Smells like some sort of baking spice.”
”Yeah!” I agreed. “All day I’ve been thinking of cookies!”
He buried his face against my neck. ”Give me a minute. I’ll tell you which kind of cookie.”

You see, I had chosen Vanilla Musk.

After he resurfaced and got a glass of milk, the husband asked to smell my current bottle of Soft Musk.
One sniff.
“Yeah. That smells like you.”

Well. There's my answer.
I can't go around smelling like some other woman.
Or her cookies.

I have to hunt down a new Avon lady.
Wish her luck.


Tammi said...

I know the perfect lady for you. She is MY Avon lady and there is NO PRESSURE or presentations from you.

And...she's in Beloit.

Not to mention that I love her to pieces. One of my favorite people in life.

I need to email you my phone number.

Freelance Writer said...

you could jsut order online directly from Avon...

its nice to see that somepeople actualy get service from their avon lady.

I have lived here four years and the three avon ladies who live in this town...sigh...

two leave avon books in our mailsboxes...and non of them return a phone call...EVER...i tried for four years to get a call back. I had the cash in hand and the order filled out, and I cannot get any of them to call back.

I even tried emailing and calling the company directly to get an avon lady to be sent to my door, or referred to me. I even contacted the referaals they gave response...

I wanted to order parfume and some other goodies like heated eye lash curlers and contact lens cases, and other things...

kudos to anyone who actualy get service from an avon lady...

i'd sign back up as a reresentative just to buy my own avon products at a discount, but the mandatory minimum $30 order every month is brutal when you only want a bottle of haiku and a make up brush...

Thumper said...

Perfume is evil


Rave said...

Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla. That's me....although I used to be the vanilla cookie...