Saturday, November 08, 2008


Suppose it's my own fault for thinking logically.

I mean, if everyone in the family is playing video games, and I announce that I'm doing laundry and get ignored, it makes sense to wash towels first and hound people for the rest of their clothes later.
So, I empty the bathroom of its used towels and wash cloths and fill the towel racks with the last three clean towels.

Alas. Ear wax. *

Because T.H.E. moment the washer stops spinning, I walk into the bathroom to find Younger Son cleaning his gerbil cage.
With the last three towels.

You know what? I'm so ticked off that I don't think I'll give back the eleven cents that fell out of his pants pocket when I washed them. So, there!

*This is what Dumbledore said when tempted to try a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean after decades of avoiding them because of a foul-tasting vomit-flavor bean... only to pick another poor flavor.
We hope, yet are forever disappointed.


Richmond said...

Alas, ear wax* indeed... :) So very true...

Rave said...

In this house, anything left in pockets is property of the person doing the wash.
Always has been, always will be....
..including change....dollar notes...

you get the idea.

Mrs. Who said...

After reading this, I've decided each person in the house gets two towels. It's their responsibility to wash them. Or not.