Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One squirrel; one nut

I was putting on my coat, getting ready to leave for work, when I noticed the squirrel run across the driveway. It stopped behind my car. From the window, I watched the little guy stop to warm up his little paws. All furry and cute.


And I fingered my keys.
Heh heh.

I have one of those key thingys that remotely locks and unlocks the car.
I think some people call it a fob. I just call it a bloop bloop.
Which I pointed out the window.
And pressed.


The squirrel twitched and, clearly fearing for its life, ran for cover…

… under the car.

Bloop bloop!

And the poor little guy scurried away.

::shakes head::
It takes so little to amuse me.


vw bug said...

That is funny

Mrs. Who said...

Anything that antagonizes squirrels brings a smile to my face. :)