Sunday, November 16, 2008

Musical websites

Just my opinion...

But, I really *do* hate websites that have embedded music and/or sound effects that automatically kick in when someone visits the site.

I don't appreciate hearing mystery sounds.
I don't necessarily like the same music you do.

But mostly, and not that it's your fault, I live with three baboons who don't know how to turn the volume down on the computer after they blow stuff up on their video games.
So, not only does your embedded music startle me, it's very likely to blast me clean out of my chair.

Just sayin'.
I'm less likely to visit you if your site plays music.


Rave said...

Well, good morning to you too!

And I hate music on sites as well.

And nice rose....I liked the kid drawing though.

Freelance Writer said...

i used to have music on one of my was a mix of over 100 songs, from several decades and genre's...after visitng quite a few sites where i did not liek beign blasted with music..i removed it form my website...

just as bad as embeded music...too many graphic, uploads, or page content to load the page...I hate when the internet crashes cuz some idiot decided it would be fun to explode their website with over 100 gif images, songs, videos, and other "bling"

honestly, if your website has too much content to load properly...its not worth the time it takes to load...

yours is nice..nice and clean and simple

Trini said...

The easiest way to deal with that awfull midi music is to hit the "Esc" key. It shuts down most websites music.

Thumper said...


I hate sites with music. It slows everything down and always sucks.

Anonymous said...

If its a myspace problem you can adjust you settings to keep other peoples music turned off. Dont tell me you dont like my Hank Williams Jr!

Roses said...

Darin: Unless you have a MySpace account, you can't block MySpace music from playing.