Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday. Your turn.

Wednesday was sunny and 70. Here.
Tonight, it's going to snow. Here.

I am so very sorry if you live in the Rapids City area.
I dragged my family out there to visit you in August, and it was beautiful!
No one in my minivan got gored by a buffalo, so maybe you will not think I'm a completely stupid tourist.


Tammi said...

Ummm it's 81 here today.

But right now? This minute? I'd give everything I own to be up there with y'all......

Thumper said...

Snow is evil, and a big part of why we moved back to CA. I think we're gonna be in the 60s today. A nice, mild, sunny 60s :)

Bob said...

Rapid City in August? You wouldn't have happened to be on a Harley, would you?

Roses said...

Bob: I have a co-worker who rode *his* Harley out there, but we missed it all by a week. (Got all the same souvenirs for half off!)