Sunday, November 02, 2008

Daylite Saving Time

There are members of my church who don't actually attend church.
But, they will drive to church after early service to drop off their children for Sunday School. Then, they will drive back to church before late service to pick up their children.

Which works out just fine for everyone.
Most of the time.

But, twice a year...
At least one parent forgets to change their clock before bedtime on Saturday night.
And they drop off their kid an hour too early or an hour too late depending on the time of year.
Oh, they're halfway out the driveway before their kid reaches the church doors, so there's no catching them.

There's no kid so surly as the one expecting a fun morning of stories and games who gets stuck sitting through a dry church service with someone else's grandmother.

Have a great day, everyone!
And if you haven't yet, remember to "fall back".


Richmond said...

Oh yeah - falling back here for sure. Very very lazy day...

Rave said...

Someone forgot to tell my body that it was NOT okay to wake up at 0430.....