Monday, November 24, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

One day years ago as we were leaving the playground with the boys, Elder Son remarked, "Do you realize that you always say it's time to go home when we just start having fun? Do you do that on purpose?" And when the husband and I tried to explain how it only seems like they are just starting to have fun, Elder Son pointed out, "But you always ask 'Are you having fun?' and when we say 'Yes', you say, 'Good! Time to go!'"

Well, dang.
The husband and I looked at each other, and we knew it was true.
We assured Elder Son that we never intended to do that. It was just some weird... thing.
And we promised we'd try not to do it anymore.

This conversation was not lost on our children.
Every time after that, when we'd ask if they were having fun, they would both answer with an enthusiastic, "No!"
Which was our cue to say, "Okay. You have five more minutes to have fun, and then we have to leave."

That might sound strange enough to the other families on the playground, but imagine the boys' friends' reaction when they'd visit our house and get strict instructions from our children, "If our parents ask if you're having fun, you have to say 'no' or else they'll make you go home."

Fast forward to this weekend.
The boys are whooping it up big time in the basement with Nerf guns when the husband checks the clock. Almost time to take the friends home.
"Hey guys!" he hollers down the stairs. "Are you having fun?"
And, as if that wasn't enough to stay longer, one guest voice calls out, "This is the lamest house I've ever been to!"


Richmond said...

Hahahahahaha!!! :)

Mrs. Who said...

OMG...give that kid a cookie!

Anonymous said...

Or you could just tell them "Stop having fun!" That always worked when I was growing up.

Bob said...

You've trained the neighbors' kids to bad-mouth your hospitality? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Heh. That one made me giggle. Yes, that kid DOES need a cookie.