Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Politician is Born!

He was so excited, he called me at work as soon as he got home from school.
Younger Son won a school election and is now a Student Council representative for his classroom.

He went into it believing it was mostly a popularity contest and that he didn't have a chance.
Nonetheless, he eagerly wrote his own speech and presented it without any coaching from his parents.
(The only advice I gave him was to tell voters why they'd want him on the Student Council rather than why he wants to be on it.)
And he beat out the more popular boy. ("Because my speech was better.")

Now, he's going to run for Student Council president.

I'm so proud... I don't know whether to bake him a cake or shoot a moose.


LeeAnn said...

Shoot a moose and bake it in the cake. Chocolate. Because everyone loves chocolate moose.

Hapkido said...

Leeann beat me to it...

Roses said...

OMG, you guys! If we hadn't had this conversation here, I'd have used it for the next "Are you funnier than..."

Too funny!

tammi said...

I love the idea of the chocolate moose!

But if you do any baking...don't forget to save me a piece! ;-)

Anonymous said...

yuummmmmm chocolate!

Richmond said...

And Moose!! Good for him!!

Mrs. Who said...

Yay for YS! There's hope for the future after all.