Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's my money now!

During last night's family game of Monopoly, I was losing badly.
With puppy-dog eyes, I let my lip quiver as I counted out my rent money to Younger Son.
"Stop it!" demanded Elder Son. "You're making me feel bad."
"You know," I said to him, "in Runescape, sometimes guys give me stuff just because I'm a girl." Then, I turned the sad face at him.

He threw a $1 bill at me.

After mortgaging all my properties except the one with houses, I had just enough cash to pay my debt. Younger Son took pity on me and handed back a $1 bill also.

The very next round, on a shake of doubles, I struggled again to pay rent. This time, the husband was making me pay up.
And I went bankrupt.

As I pushed my properties over to him, I declared, "But, I'm keeping these two dollars!"

"Look, Mother! It's still your turn! You have doubles!"

So, I shook, just for kicks.
And I landed on Elder Son's railroad.

"You owe me one hundred dollars."
::sniff:: "Will you accept two tear-stained dollar bills?"


As the game continued without me, I heard several financial exchanges which included the phrase, "Here, you can have Mother's tear-stained dollar..."


Anonymous said...

Oh - I need to come play with you guys - that is too funny. I love games and have a ton that we never play. I am hoping as my son gets older we can have family game night also.

Bou said...

Holy crap... that is hysterical!

Bob said...

You know, you can get tear-stained prayer cloths from radio evangelists who broadcast out of Del Rio -- and the dollars you send them don't even have to be tear-stained.

(These days with the kids will be good memories -- keep it up.)