Friday, October 03, 2008

Are you funnier than...Roses! *w/answer!*

How would you finish this conversation?
Can you be funnier than me?
(I'm pretty sure you can be...)


Waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark, I hovered over the husband curled up in bed trying to figure out how he was contorted.
"Are you hugging your pillow?" I asked.
"Is that a problem?" he snorted. "Are you jealous?"
"I have my own pillow," I retorted. "In fact, I have *two* pillows just in case..."

In case of what?


"In fact, I have *two* pillows just in case one of them isn't in the mood."

Several good guesses this week!
Congratulations to bx19 for having an answer just as good and just as funny!
(However, I will keep LeeAnn's line handy in the event that I ever get a waterbed.)

Thank you for playing!
There will be another one next Friday at 8am!


LeeAnn said...

"...just in case of a water landing."

bx19 said...

"......the first one has a headache."

vw bug said...

... just in case two is better than one.

LeeAnn said...

I like this game!