Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you funnier than... Roses! *now with answer!*

I bet you can be!
How would *you* finish this conversation?


We were discussing petty thefts going on in our community when Younger Son mentioned his teacher's car had been broken into recently. Someone stole her eyeglasses.
We wondered why they would take, of all things, her glasses? It's not like anyone else could use them.
"One thing is clear," I remarked...

What is clear?


"One thing is clear, they certainly robbed her blind."

Good job to LeeAnn and Bob who both came up lines that made me laugh out loud!
I was also thinking, "She didn't see that coming!" would have been pretty funny, too.

Another chance to play is coming up Friday at 8am!


LeeAnn said...

"...she's gonna have trouble picking them out in the lineup."


"...everyone wants to look like Sarah Palin these days."

bx19 said...

Sorry, brain seem's to have dissappeared!!

Must be the whisky.

Bob said...

... whoever stole them will be making a spectacle of themselves.