Monday, September 08, 2008

Two Word Movie Review - Tropic Thunder

Here are your two words:

Just. Wrong.

That's all the husband and I could say to each other throughout the entire movie.
"That's wrong."
"That's just wrong."
Although, it was difficult to say this to each other because we were rather busy laughing.

Mind the R rating, though.
This is not Night at the Museum.
This is not Nacho Libre.
This is not Iron Man.
What it is... is wrong.
Do Not take your children.
Unless they can pay for the movie ticket themselves... and drive to the theater... in a car they own... do not take your children. Do not even rent it to watch at home with the children.

Remember how when you watched Pulp Fiction, after a while you got used to the swearing and the violence, so by the time Marvin's head blew up in the car, you were laughing your head off?
Eventually, you get used to the wrongness.

On the plus side, as Entertainment Weekly puts it, this movie almost makes Tom Cruise seem cool, again.


LeeAnn said...

I lurved "Tropic Thunder" with the same white-hot love I have for all things that make me laugh and gag at the same time... like the hair ALL OVER Tom Cruise's character. I got choked laughing in the car on the way home wondering what his bathtub drain must look like after a good loofahing.

Richmond said...

Good to know!!