Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday morning

Now that school is in session and the boys have such early schedules and so many extra-curricular activities, we, at the Ack! Thbbbt! house, cherish our weekends. After the eldest son outgrew his frightening first year of life as an early-riser, we are now all very contented sleeper-inners on the weekends.


Saturday morning, when I opened the eldest son's rather noisy door at 7:30am, he greeted me with:
a) not "Good morning, dear Mother",
b) not "Leave me alone",
c) not even a groan of protest, but simply


As in:
a) Why are you doing this to me?
b) Why are you torturing me this way? and,
c) Why don't you love me?

"I'm sorry, son. You have soccer today."
Then I got the groan.

And, I get to do it again tomorrow.


Thumper said...

People get up at 7:30???

9 am is early for me...

Richmond said...

Poor kid...

Trini said...

We gets our jollies where we can :)

Roses said...

Thumper: Scary, but that's a whole hour later than he has to get up on school days.

Richmond: You said it. :(

Trini: You said it! :D

Bou said...

Same thing with my eldest. I think he'd be content being a vampire.