Friday, September 05, 2008

Picky Picky...

The husband was trying to find a coaster for his coffee cup.
First, he reached for a magazine but realized it was an issue he wanted to keep.
Next, he grabbed a sales flyer but set it down again when he recognized it as one I wanted to look through.
Finally, he sorted through the newspaper to find a section that we were done reading.

I watched all this, amused, but obviously not helping at all.
"Just pick one," I suggested.
He glared at me. "I picked you, didn't I?"
"Yeah," I agreed. "And you took your time doing that, too, as I remember it."


Richmond said...

but he chose.... correctly...

That *is * worth something. :)

Bob said...

Picking Roses should be done with care, lest get stuck with a prick.