Monday, September 08, 2008

One Week Warning

It's my 42nd birthday one week from today.

*IF* you want to do something special for me (and you certainly are not obligated to... although I will feel unloved if you don't)(no pressure), this year I want a poem.

Here are my rules:
1) You must include the words "birthday" and "Roses";
2) It must be funny;
3) Bonus points for including your own name and/or blog name.

That's all.

I'll put up a post next Monday, and you can leave your poem in the comments where everyone can admire your talents.

Go grab your Crayon. Have fun!
(But don't put a LOT of effort into it... it's not like I have prizes other than my undying love and devotion...)


Thumper said... brain is now engaged...

Mrs. Who said...

Muse...muse....must find my muse.

Bou said...

I am exactly one week and one year older than you.

Hapkido said...

No need for boredom or fear/
Nor cause for jabs or jeer/
For Hapkido, you see/
On your birthday foretells glee:/
Either RonnyEngrish's proses/
Will more than entertain Roses/
Or banned from Crunch Time he'll be!

Tammi said...

This is making me crazy. You know I love you, so of COURSE I wanna participate.

However....I got nothin'. I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was try and think of something...ANYTHING....I got nothin'.....

Bob said...

Haiku or limerick - decisions, decisions, decisions ...

vw bug said...

Me? I poem... baw ha ha ha... I got noth'n... but who knows... for you... I'll try.

Elisson said...

I was in my car;
I gave myself a lift,
To go buy Roses
A birthday gift.

And while driving on my mission
To buy a gift for Roses,
I noticed all the motorists
With fingers in their noses.

What were they seeking?
Were they mining for gold?
Car windows are transparent,
Or so I am told.

So as you drive
With finger up nostril,
Know that others can see you
And think you're a wastrel.

Booger-hunting while driving -
It just isn't done.
Not by Mr. Debonair
At Blog d'Elisson.