Monday, September 15, 2008


... is what I am today!

It's Roses' birthday;
She's forty-two;
Now, it's time
For a poem from you!


Roses is older;
Her day is all through;
Older, but smiling
To have friends such as you!
(Even Bob.)


Roses said...

From Hapkido:

No need for boredom or fear/
Nor cause for jabs or jeer/
For Hapkido, you see/
On your birthday foretells glee:/
Either RonnyEngrish's proses/
Will more than entertain Roses/
Or banned from Crunch Time he'll be!

Roses said...

From Elisson:

I was in my car;
I gave myself a lift,
To go buy Roses
A birthday gift.

And while driving on my mission
To buy a gift for Roses,
I noticed all the motorists
With fingers in their noses.

What were they seeking?
Were they mining for gold?
Car windows are transparent,
Or so I am told.

So as you drive
With finger up nostril,
Know that others can see you
And think you're a wastrel.

Booger-hunting while driving -
It just isn't done.
Not by Mr. Debonair
At Blog d'Elisson.

Roses said...

From vw bug:

A birthday poem imposes
on my sense of rhyme.
Hopefully this for Roses
Is at least worth a dime.

She wants to see vw bug
included in this mess.
It deserves a hug
for all this stress.

Thumper said...

Roses, Roses, lots of us knowses
How you really feel.
A birthday--it's true--is when
God sticks it to you
And damn yer old--FORTY TWO!

But don't feel too bad,
Grab some Screw U Heaven
'Cause Thumper you see,
Just turned FORTY SEVEN.

Happy Birthday! :)

Mrs. Who said...

Short but sweet birthday greetings:

Roses ain’t red,
And Roses ain’t blue,
‘Cause she has birthday wishes
From Mrs. Who!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

LeeAnn said...

While practicing esoteric yoga poses
I realized it's the birthday of Roses.
In a flash and a fit and a flurry
I uncoiled in too much of a hurry.
And realized that smell was NOT my toeses.

Bob said...

I, Misplaced Flatus, herewith send my treat --
A birthday wish to the rosy girl petite.
So here's my verse I pray you won't delete:
"Roses by another name would smell ass sweat."

(I even ran this through spell checker -- just to make sure it was 100% correct.)

tammi said...

Yeah...uhhh....these guys rock, I, can't, yeah....

So instead I'll break my "vacation" rule and leave a comment saying I hope you had a wonderful birthday.....

bx19 said...

Sorry I'm late, but I pontificate,

I missed your Birthday, that's true,

But if I may be bold, I don't think you're old,

Your'e a very young forty-two.

Richmond said...

Seriously - no way I can rhyme.

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great one!! :)