Thursday, August 28, 2008

Living with your mother-in-law means...

... you will be on your first vacation in years and 500 miles away from home when she calls you.

"Where do you keep your spare car key?"
"I want to crack open the windows on the car you left in the driveway, but it's locked."
"Why do you want to crack the windows?"
"Because it's been really hot the last few days, and the car will explode if it gets too hot inside."
That's just crazy, you think to yourself. But what you say is, "The driveway is in the shade half of the day. Besides, the car sits out in an unshaded parking lot most of the week when we take it to work. It hasn't exploded yet."
"Well, if you don't have a spare key, I can just break a window."


The mother-in-law moved out three years ago this week.
The healing began immediately; but apparently, the scars still remain.


Anonymous said...

Dang - and my mother-in-law though HER mother-in-law was a strange one....(did I say that right!?) She puts tampons in her shoes and her hurricane supply list includes ice cream.

Rave said...

I gotta ask- why the tampons in the shoes?????

And Roses- I am with ya on this one....while it IS possible for the windows to crack and or break during times of excessive heat, I don't really think your area has too much to worry about if it hasn't happened already!

Priscilla said...

Crazy making! That's what that is!

mantra. . . I am normal. Your craziness will NOT rub off on me. You have no power over me. .

I don't know. How do lunatics have such normal children?

Anonymous said...

The tampons are for PADDING because her shoes DON'T FIT.

Don't ask me.....I thought she should just buy shoes that fit.

roses said...

Carmen: I suppose she gets the added benefit of being able to walk through puddles...

Bob said...

Well, not everyone marries into a sane family (lucky for me, not so good for my poor wife).