Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I had some errands to run around town, but instead of taking the car, I thought I'd be eco-friendly and take the 13-year-old's bike. No, not my own bike. The 13-year-old's bike has a rack for carrying stuff. So, I took his. We're about the same height now, anyway, so no big whoop.

Oh. Man.

Now I know why he hates riding his bike.
I thought it was because he didn't want the other kids teasing him about wearing a helmet.
Uh. No.

You see, this is the Frankenbike. None of the parts are original. And none of them fit right.
1) The brakes are from the husband's bike. They squeak. Loud.
2) The seat is from some other garage sale bike. It is tipped up at an angle that was painful to me. I cannot imagine a male sitting on that thing.

Well, after a mile and a half of traveling, I am now bruised.
Yes, folks! Bruises where bruises should never be!

I am putting off any and all doctor visits until these babies are gone.
We don't need to start any unnecessary investigations.
I'll just try not to wince as I walk.



Mrs. Who said...

Umm..almost TMI.

Thumper said...

So...does he get a new bike now?

Anonymous said...

Please buy the kid a new bike!

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

That is too funny!

My son once kept complaining that his seatbelt was too tight and we thought he just wanted an excuse not to wear it. Then one time I sat in his seat for some reason and sure enough, the seatbelt was broken and would tighten up and not get loose again and suck you too the seat.

Sometimes they are telling the truth!