Friday, July 25, 2008

Not so good, but doing

I've been walking, but I haven't been able to manage it every day.

Like, for instance, last week, the cable guy was showing up. You know how easy it is (not!) to gauge the cable guy's arrival (precisely between the hours of 8am and 10am), and I didn't want to greet him:
a) sweaty and gross fresh off the treadmill, nor
b) naked fresh out of the shower
Frankly, I was happy enough that the cable company gave me a two hour window and not the standard 4-6 hour window.

Then there was the morning I woke up sick and figured the healthier thing to do was to give my body the sleep rather than the exersize.

Anyway, the intent is still here.
And I've been eating oatmeal (like Tammi told me to) and drinking pomegranite juice (like Hapkido told me to) every morning.
Yum, yummy.

The motivation comes easier when the doctor looks at your chart and says, "Jump!"
Yes, sir! How high?


DogsDontPurr said...

Oy. I feel your pain. If only the 20millionthingswehavetodo each day counted as exercise! Good luck. I'm rooting for you (and me too!)

tammi said...

Try Naked Juice's Blueberry Pomegranite juice.

VERY Yummy.

(and by the grace of God I'll be working for them by the end of the year)

They have it at Woodman's.

roses said...

Hm. Not gonna work for me this week either...
Boys have a week-long day camp, and they leave at different times, so... no time for me. :(