Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dear Steve Martin;

Thank you for writing Shopgirl.
I didn't know what to expect when I picked it off the shelf, but it had your name on it, and I was curious.
To be honest, it's not the kind of book I usually like. There's a lot of character description. Many words with no plot or forward motion. But, they are good words. And I could not put it down.

Because I know these people.
I've dated some of them.

Several lines are stunningly insightful.

Page 8: "Jeremy does have one outstanding quality. He likes her. And that quality in a person makes them infinitely interesting to the person who is being liked."

Page 77: "She is falling in love, and she fully expects her love to be returned once Mr. Porter comes to his senses."

And probably the most meaningful line ever, on Page 127: " is it possible to miss a woman whom you kept at a distance, so that when she was gone you would not miss her?"

I don't know why you wrote Shopgirl, Mr. Martin.
But, I needed to read it. It answered some questions for me about people I have known. and loved. and lost.
The movie version was also wonderful. You and Clare Daines were perfect.

So, I thank you.
I will remember you always for this.

By the way, if you were to ever place your fingers around my wrist and declare that you are now my watch, I would tell you that you are a very handsome and stylish watch, indeed; however, you are too bulky and impractical to wear to work. :-)


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Bob said...

For a light read, check out Steve Martin's "Pure Drivel". It lives up to its name.