Thursday, July 17, 2008

About a 6 on the Duh Scale

Been having trouble with my hair for several weeks.
For some reason, I suddenly can't get it to straighten. All the tricks I always use just aren't working.

It was while I was sorting through the bathroom closet that I spied the bottle of conditioner I'd most recently bought. I had purchased this bottle because, of all the bottles at the store, this one had smelled the prettiest.
The print color on it looked funny, so I grabbed it out of the closet and took a good look.

It read: Curl Moisturizing: for curly or wavy hair


So, I turned it around and read the back:
This product prepares your hair to be styled so you can achieve flawless curls every time.

'splains it.
So, I'm not going crazy.
Good to know.

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