Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fate is watching. And I forgot to knock wood.

The husband insisted I get a tetanus shot.
There's been a great deal of flooding in our area, and the County Health Department has been urging residents to get booster shots before messing around with any cleaning and/or recovery projects. In fact, if your property is touched by flood waters, you can get a free shot.

We are not in the flood area, but still, the husband insisted.
I think it's because he wants me to help him rip up soaked carpeting in our friend's basement and doesn't want to worry about me stepping on old tack strip.
Well, that... and the fact that I haven't had a booster shot in twelve years.

Anyway, we went out on our lunch break yesterday and paid $14 for a stick in the arm.

As we drove away, I turned to the husband.
"I forgot to ask the nurse how soon I can step on rusty nails."
"Right now, baby!" the husband replied. "You're good to go!"

Good to know.

Mere hours later, the husband and I went out for a walk. Fresh air, stretch the legs. We wandered through a part of town undergoing street construction.
Dust. Rocks. Sand.
Crunch crunch crunch underfoot.
When we stepped back onto sidewalk, I had a stone stuck under my shoe. I tried to knock it off without actually bending over. Dragged my foot on the grass, dragged my foot on the sidewalk, scraped my foot on the edge of the curb. Nothing. Stone still stuck.
So, I stopped.
And picked up my foot to look.

"Honey," I called. "Come look at this."

You know it.
It wasn't a stone.
A friggin' rusty nail was sunk into the bottom of my sneaker.

We simply looked at each other.
"That... is funny."

Makes me wonder what I'd have stepped on had I not gotten the tetanus shot...


Thumper said...

Land mine, for sure...!

Trini said...

Oh GOD :) Thumper, that was brilliant!!

Army Wife said...

wow....the timing of the nail incident is curious...

Roses said...

thumper: I was thinking more like dog poo... different kind of land mine, I guess

army wife: Hm. So, do you think the husband might have set me up?