Monday, May 26, 2008

Two Word Movie Review - Indiana Jones/Crystal Skull

(No spoilers: safe to read.)

Here are your two words:

"Old Friend"

Yes, I had greatly missed my old boyfriend, Indiana Jones.
This visit was good.
He is still up to his old tricks.

Do not expect any more or any less than you've ever gotten from the guy you've grown to know and love over the decades.
Even when you roll your eyes and say, "Oh puh-lease!" at some of the stunts and special effects, you must remember that this is simply what our friend does.

Just roll with it.
And you will embrace this movie, too.

I really enjoyed seeing my old friend once more.
However, I am sad that this visit is over... as I do not know if/when I will see him again.


Hapkido said...

I thought it was decent. The over-the-top stunts I can handle. My issue is that the flow of the plot felt a bit forced.

A good movie but it wasn't exactly the same Indy...only Harrison Ford stood out in the film.

Bob said...

Ford and Stallone ought to do a Rocky meets Indiana flick.

Roses said...

Bob: No, they shouldn't. :P

Roses said...

Hap: "only Harrison Ford stood out in the film."

That's all *I* need, baby! ;-)

Mrs. Who said...

I have only two words:

Indy's butt!!!!!! :)

Hapkido said...

Once again, I've made the tragic mistake of taking Roses & Mrs. Who seriously.

For the record: Guys don't want Harrison Ford...we want to BE Harrison Ford!