Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Word DVD Review - Cloverfield

Here are your two words:

"Love Story"

That's right.
You might think it's a horror movie, what with its Godzilla-meets-Blair-Witch-Project facade, but what it really is down deep is a love story.

It took the husband and me way too long to figure out what was going on, who was sleeping with who, and frankly, we were 10-15 minutes into the movie before we realized the main male character was actually two guys, brothers.

It also took too friggin' long for anything to blow up.

Even if those things had been better, there was still the really WRONG sound effect attached to the creepy-scary spider things.
Wrong wrong wrong.
It made us laugh out loud, it was so wrong.

If you're curious about this movie, go ahead and rent it.
I'm sure there will be spoofs of it, and you'll want to understand the jokes.

But if you need your movies to have answers and closure, you will hate this one.

And remember, it's really a love story.

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Bob said...

Stupid me, I thought it was a Jane Austen piece.