Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trash talking

Due to street construction, several trucks belonging to construction workers were parked along my street on garbage day this week.
The place where I usually put out my trash bags was lined with pickup trucks.
So, I dragged everything farther along my property line to where the garbage man could get to it.

Minutes later, another pickup truck arrived and blocked the view of my trash.
Fine. I dragged my things up to the corner.
The corner.
Because, being a corner, no one could park there.

I was wrong.

As I left for work, sure enough, there was a big ass pickup truck parked crooked at the corner.
I climbed out and, in suit and heels, dragged all my trash to the neighbor lady's house.
Knocked on her door.

"Hey," I told her, "I brought all my stuff here because I don't think the garbage truck can get to my driveway today. Just thought I'd let you know in case you looked outside and wondered, 'Gee, when did I take out my trash?' You didn't. It's mine."

She appreciated that.

Later, I told the husband what happened.
He asked, "You mean you didn't just throw the garbage in the back of that big ass truck?"
"I thought about it."


Richmond said...

I feel for you... I really really do...

Roses said...

Richmond: I know you do.