Friday, May 09, 2008

Hey Trinidad!

Whatcha doing?
You sure spend a lot of time here.
What's going on?


Trini said...

Hmm, I check in a couple times a day cause I think you're funny as all Hell :) You're on my Opera Speed Dial, could that updating be what you are seeing ?

Trini said...

If you are infact talking to me....

Roses said...

trini: First of all, COOL! You think I'm funny!

Second, do you live in Trinidad? Someone from there logs on for hours a day.

Third, speed dial? I'm honored. (Even though I first thought you wrote "Oprah" speed dial... and I wondered how Oprah knows me.)

Trini said...

First, OF COURSE I think you're funny :)

Second, yeah I do live in Trinidad, I'm not usually on for hours (is there another Trini lurking???)

Third, my reaction to your post was on the order of --->

"Holy Crap ! Roses is actually talking to me!
She thinks I'm a STALKER !!! AHHH!!
What do I say ?
How do I not sound like an ASSS!!!"

I don't know who is more honoured, but I think I was a tad more wigged out...

Yah, Speed Dial wurks fer meee, you're on there with;
Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper
Just Eat Your Cupcake
Dad Gone Mad
Joy Unexpected
and a bunch of other cool sites..

I wish Oprah knew I existed ;)

Roses said...

Trini: I half expected you not to answer at all, and then stop coming by because I'd freaked you out.

Anyhoo, you're welcome anytime... for as long as you like. :-)

Bou said...

I'm telling you, that is the FIRST time in my 4 years of blogging, that I have seen a lurker called out and seen them respond.

Very frickin' cool.

Trini said...

Damn, so I failed the "act all aloof when called out" test ?

Come on people, Roses is talking to meeeee!!!
I'm like a friggin fanboy running and telling everyone I know, "So there's this blog I read, and the author, she WROTE to me!!"

It's sad I tell you...

Roses, I thought you wouldn't want to talk to me cause of the whole "logged on for hours a day" thing (I swear I still don't know how that's possible)

So I'll stick around and read whatever you want to write :)

Roses said...

I have a fanboy!


Trini said...

Heh, well a fangirl, but you get the idea :)