Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dude, buy a belt.

To the young man walking his girlfriend down the sidewalk today:

I understand that when your pants are so baggy you have to hold them up, that is considered fashion.
I guess.

But trust me, dude.
It ain't attractive when you hold up your pants by the zipper.

Get a grip somewhere else.



Thumper said...

Bah. Kids that have to walk with their legs spread to keep their pants from falling down around their ankles make me want to get all poky with a power stapler...

DogsDontPurr said...

I blogged about this phenomenon a while back. There was this guy who was moving out of our apartment building one day. Of course, being the fashionista that he was, he was wearing the super baggy pants. What he hadn't considered, however, is that you can't carry boxes and hold your pants up at the same time.

So, as we're getting out of the elevator, he asks me if I could do him a favor. I said "sure," thinking he wanted me to help him with the boxes or something. Instead, he said, "would you pull up my pants for me?"

I'm sure you can see the stunned look on my face.

I walked away and left him to waddle to his car with his pants slowly sinking to his ankles. Too funny!

tammi said...

That's almost as bad as the guy in front of me at Walgreens this morning with his hands down his pants while he was flirtin' with the cashier.

The elderly woman behind me actually cheered outloud when I "admonished" him.

It's a good thing I'm leaving Wednesday. I may get myself shot.....

Anonymous said...

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