Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things that shouldn't bother me but really really do

The boys will ignore me until I go into the bathroom, and then they have something to tell me that seems so urgent we have to have a conversation through the door when I'd really rather have a moment or two without an ear at the door.
And it's usually a topic that can wait, like "I saw this really cool bug on the way home from school".


Likewise, I'll putter around the kitchen while they're doing homework so I'm available for assistance. But they never talk to me until I turn on the water or garbage disposal or do something else that makes it hard to hear.
Very much like this.


How about when certain people in my house can't find their own stuff.
Stuff I told them to put away.
That they didn't.
Then they whine that they can't find it and I walk into their room and see it right there in plain sight.

One time, I told the 10-year-old that if I could find that thing he was looking for, he'd have to buy me a McFlurry.
He found it on his own.



I super hate it when I wash the breakfast dishes and leave them to dry in the sink just before running off to work. And by the time I get home, someone has rinsed a bowl or glass and has put it on top of the dry dishes. So all the dishes below are now wet when they all could have been put away.

I imagine this would be even worse if we had a dishwasher because I am very sure a drippy, dirty dish would be put in there dripping gooey wetness over the clean dishes. Which is worse than just plain water on the clean dishes. Because not only would I have to rewash the dishes but I'd also have to hide the body.

Can't anyone else put away clean, dry dishes?


Thumper said...

I once got to the point where anytime either of the male people I live with would ask me where something was I'd shoot back "It's a uterus, not a tracking device." They didn't appreciate it, but eventually they got the point.

They still can't find anything, but at least they don't pester me to get up and point out that it's right there in front of their face.

Richmond said...

Oh boy - I may have to make a list too...

Bob said...

Joyce once asked our then-three-year-old, "What are you doing watching me while I sit on the potty?"

He of course answered, "I'm giving you privacy."

I think he'd misunderstood her earlier plea, "Can't you give me some privacy?" as a request for company.