Thursday, April 03, 2008

Interpret this!

Last night I dreamed I was shopping in a truck stop.

There was a display of homemade purses that I thought were very cute. When I ooo'd and ah'd over them, the shop owner (a darling older woman) remarked, "What I need is a Dune fan!"
I turned to my left and found a giant shelf of rental movies. and sure enough, she had nearly a dozen copies of Dune.

Moments later, a young couple walked in. The young lady described the kind of movie they were looking for, and the shop owner nodded in thought for a moment, then plucked a movie off the shelf.
"Here! You want to watch Dune!"
When the young woman frowned in doubt, I exclaimed, "It's Kyle MacLachlan! You'll love it!"

My outburst surprised everyone, including myself as I've never seen Dune (only parts of it as the husband clicks through the channels) and wondered how I even knew Mr. MacLachlan was in it.
And of course, the shop owner immediately eye-balled me as someone needing to borrow a copy from her.

Since I was now renting one movie, I continued to hunt through the shelf for more.
So engrossed in my search, I didn't realize I was groping in front of another fellow looking for movies. I apologized, moved over, and then recognized it was Willem Dafoe grinning at me.

Surpressing the urge to yell, "Hey! It's the Green Goblin!" I woke up.

Aside from me watching way too much TV, what do you think it all means?


Bob said...

It means you gotta quit gobblin' that green melange.

Tink said...

ROFL Bob.... That was a perfect response. But Roses how could you not have seen Dune?