Saturday, April 12, 2008

Chicken Betty

True story:

The new choir member recognized many of the faces from church, but she knew she'd never remember all the names as the choir director introduced every one in the choir.

"That's everyone," said the choir director, "except for Chicken Betty..."

Chicken Betty?

"... Has anyone heard from Chicken Betty?"
A voice in the back piped up, "Yeah.  Chicken Betty will be a little late."

Chicken Betty?
That sounded like a casserole.
Was that really someone's name?

"Okay, then. We'll just get started without Chicken Betty."

The new choir member was baffled.
Who was this Betty? And why was everyone calling her "chicken"?
Was she easily frightened?
Did she raise poultry?
In either case, was it appropriate to call her Chicken Betty?

Is that what they called her to her face, or only when she wasn't around?
Maybe it was a name she chose for herself... like "My name is Mrs. Jones, but you can call me Chicken Betty."

The new choir member was fascinated by the mysterious woman's name as practice went along.
Finally, someone called out, "Hey! It's Chicken Betty!"

An older couple had entered the room.
The man and woman had big smiles on their faces.

"There you are," greeted the choir director. "Our new member hasn't met you, yet!"
She pointed to the man. "This is Chick."
She gestured to the woman, "And this is Betty."

That's right.

Chick. And Betty.

Or, as everyone pronounced it:
Chick 'n Betty


Bob said...

I know a guy named Chick. ("Lawrence is what's on his birth certificate, so his choosing "Chick" as the preferred appellation is understandable.) He's married to a Sarah, so I'm guessing she's been dubbed "Chicken Sally" once or twice.

Priscilla said...

Awwww! I love it!. I'll bet they have a great sense of humor and call each other Chicken Betty.

Richmond said...

Ha! :)