Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bicycle Update

The day after the handlebars fell off the 10-year-old's bike, we took him out to buy a new bike.

The first day out with it, he crashed.
He has scrapes and bruises a stunt man would be proud of.

I asked him what he was doing when he fell.
He said he wasn't sure.
I asked if he was just riding or if he was "hot dogging".
He said he didn't know what "hot dogging" meant.
Showing off, I told him.
He said, yeah, maybe he was doing that.

One week later, his new bike had a flat tire.

I asked him if he'd been doing tricks with his bike.
He said he wasn't sure.
But later, he admitted that he'd been doing this "thing" over the curb.
I told him I didn't know what "thing" he meant.
Jumping off the curb, he told me.
I said, yeah, maybe that's what caused it.

I'm not so surprised any more that his handlebars fell off the old bike.
Perhaps I'm surprised they'd stayed attached so long...


Thumper said...

He's ready for dirt biking!


Bob said...

Typical boy ...